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The graphics and images employed by a business are important. In a sales presentation or marketing piece it is often the images that grab the viewer's attention first. A graphics artist can take your idea, concept, or product and create an interesting image for use in signage, online, or in your advertising. Beacon Technical Services offers a wide range of graphics and imaging services.


Digital photography

Use digital photography to capture images of your business, employees, and products. High resolution images may be repurposed for a variety of uses. A remodeling contractor might want to compile an album of "before and after" pictures, for example. These can be posted on his web site or images of similar jobs could be emailed to prospective clients. We also can take digital snapshots of your employees for identification badges.

Image manipulation and enhancement

Do you already have a picture that is almostperfect? Perhaps you have some important pictures that really aren't flattering, but are impossible to retake. Beacon Technical Services can digitally manipulate those images and enhance them for the best effect. Don't settle for less than perfect images.

Develop original graphics and logos

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Who has time to read a thousand extra words today? Beacon can turn your complex ideas and processes into a simple graphic representation. Show your customers what you mean, rather than make them read about it. Do you need a logo for your business or product? We can help there, too. Beacon will design a logo that looks good in color, in black and white, on paper, or on a computer screen—wherever you need it.

Develop custom animations

Movement attracts the human eye. A little animation on your web site can go a long way in focusing attention where you want it. However, animation, when applied improperly can distract, annoy, or make your site look amateurish. We can help you decide on the right animation for your need and create it specifically for your site.

Create 3D objects

If you have a complex object that is not adequately presented to best effect in 2 dimensions, then consider a 3D rendering. Beacon Technical Services will transform your 2D sketch, schematic, or photo into a full 3-dimensional object enabling viewing from every angle as well as flyover effects.

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