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Let Beacon Technical Services handle all your training needs. We can provide training for basic skills or develop a specialized curriculum to address a specific need within your business. Beacon training is not limited to computer or software skills either. We can present your material to your employees in a fun and interesting manner. Don't subject your employees to an in-house "trainer" who isn't up to the task. All training is conducted at your location to minimize any disruptions to your employees or your business.


Basic PC skills

Have you recently computerized your office or upgraded to a new system? Don't depend on your employees to "pick it up" as they go along. Provide them with training in the basic skills that they need to keep your business running smoothly. Beacon Technical Services will assess the current proficiency of your employees and tailor a training session to fit. Our objective is to maximize the efficiency of your employees, not to waste their time.

Basic Office applications

Microsoft Office is the most common office suite used in small and large offices alike. Beacon training can ensure that your employees know how to use these applications and which ones to use in different situations. Most computer users can start up MS Word and open a document, but all too often those other expensive software licences that you paid for go unused because employees are unfamiliar with the purpose or use of Access, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Increase your office productivity with introductory training on your full MS Office suite.

Advanced MS Office tasks

Microsoft Office may be ubiquitous in offices around the world, but unfortunately most users only have a rudimentary understanding of the features of a program like Word. Most people use Word like a typewriter instead of as the powerful word processor that it is. We can teach your employees to unleash the power of those applications—creation of templates and form letters, mail merging, importing and exporting data. If your employees are typing the same letter over and over again or cutting and pasting from the same document then they need advanced software training. They will get more work done in less time when they master these common office tasks.

Develop custom training modules for your employees or customers

Do you produce a product that requires a learning curve? Maybe you should consider a custom trainng program for the customers who buy your product. Beacon Technical Services will work closely with your staff to identify the most important features of your product and develop a training module that will show your customers the proper way to use your product. We can package the training so that it is easy for your staff to present, or it can be designed for self instruction in hard copy format or made available online. Your customers' level of satisfaction will increase dramatically when you make it easy for them to learn about the use of your product.

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